LANKELEISI XT750 Sports version



The difference between LANKELEISI XT750 Sports version and LANKELEISI XT750 elite version is that the transmission is different.

XT750 Sports version is Shimano 21 speed

XT750 elite version is shimano 7 speed

48V10.4ah/12.8ah/14.5ah Lithium battery

LANKELEISI XT750 sports version provides high quality lithium battery
1. 10.4AH, pure electric running continuously for 25km-35km, and it can run 60km+ in assist mode.
2. 12.8ah, 35-45km in pure electric mode, 80km in assist mode.
3. 14.5ah, 45-60km in pure electric mode, 100km in assist mode.
The battery can be charged directly or removed and charged separately. A full charge can last for 5 to 6 hours, and the battery can be charged up to 1000+ times.

Motor: 400W rear brushless motor

The motor uses a permanent magnet stator instead of mechanical communication and brushes to reduce friction loss and increase speed. Equipped with variable frequency speed regulation system and adaptive power frequency, it can maintain horsepower when running at light load or high speed.

Shimano 27 speed

LANKELEISI XT750 sports version uses Shimano 27-speed professional transmission system to provide more gear changes under different road conditions.
The SHIMANO series developed from driving behavior proves its commitment to the test of time. Even in professional accessories, it always shows its quality and durability.

LED smart waterproof display

Equipped with an LED multi-function display, allowing you to access advanced settings. You can control your speed settings or develop walking assistance. 5 All information about PAS settings, speed, battery power and mileage. The LED display ensures that you can easily read statistics.

KENDA 26X1.95 Folding Electric Bike

It has excellent abrasion resistance, stronger grip, low resistance, and incredible slip resistance. It is very suitable for cycling on city roads, mountains, snow, beaches and other terrain.

Double shock absorption

Lightweight materials are used for the front spring shock absorber, but a stronger shock absorber is provided. With rebound and locking functions, it is suitable for all kinds of roads.
The spring rear shock absorber can filter bumpy roads and make your riding more comfortable.

6061 all-aluminum alloy frame, handlebars, maximum load-bearing 280KG

The frame is made of durable 6061 aluminum alloy to ensure faster driving speed and less resistance. The safe load of this electric bicycle is as high as 280KG.

Sporty comfortable seats


1. Front and rear rainproof version
2. Pump
3. Anti-theft lock
4. Multifunctional tools, etc.148X19.5X79.5CM


yellow, blue, white


Electrostatic baking paint


48V10.4ah, 48V 12.8ah, 48V 14.5ah


48V Charger (customized to land national standard)

Charging time

For 5-6 hours

Range range

Pure electric 40-50 km, power 70-90 km


48V400W brushless rear-drive high-speed motor

The Controller

The 5-gear power controller

Maximum speed


Varispeed level

27 speed


A 12-point speed sensing booster

Main line

Waterproof sleeve

Instrument host

LED Smart meter

Tire specifications

KENDA 26X1.95

Rame material

6061 All-aluminium alloy frame

Earthquake avoidance

Aluminum shoulder lock oil spring front fork oil spring rear spring shock absorber


Sports comfort seat package


Aluminum alloy ultra-lightweight handlebar

Maximum load-bearing capacity



Taiwan ZOOM power-off oil brake


Hameng disc

Varispeed dial

Shimano 430

Back to dial

Shimano M370-27s

Net weight


Packaging weight


Package dimensions



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